10 Great Ways to Effortlessly Modernize Your Bathroom

You may want that bathroom furniture you saw in Minimalissimo magazine, but you might not have a lot of time to find it. The good news is that there are lots of easy ways to modernize your bathroom with the smallest things, such as my modern toilet paper holder.


1. Clean Like A Boss

Giving your bathroom a deep clean can do a lot to make it look like new. If there’s a limited time, clean it in stages over a few days. Either way, this can make your bathroom look fresh.


2. Instant Shine

You want your bathroom to look more modern, but in a subtle way. Why not stainless steel? Its sheen adds understated class, and my modern towel holder and other minimalist and steel accessories are all great ways to add instant shine.

3. Keep Old Tile

If your tile is looking tired and outdated, you don’t have to rip out any of it; refinish it instead with some good-quality tub and tile paint. Choose a unique shade and voila! Your bathroom is instantly ready for its Architectural Digest debut.

4. Shop Online

Have a little downtime? Why not hop online to shop instead of driving to a store? This is a great way to find the accessories and other items you want for your bathroom, and everything will be shipped to your door.

5. Mat Swap

The easiest thing you can do is change out your bathroom mat. Instead of the everyday terry or shag mat, think outside the box and choose one with an eye-catching pattern. A Persian rug is a great example.

6. Eliminate Clutter

If your bathrobes and towels seem to always end up on the floor, this can definitely make your bathroom look older. My handmade modern towel rack is a great solution, and my steel hooks help keep everything where it belongs.

7. Accessories That Blend In With The Background

You probably have a scrub brush that sits beside your toilet, but who says it has to be noticeable? My minimalist toilet brush holder blends into the background and it looks great, too.


8. In The Light

No matter how small the bathroom, something that draws the eye upward can create the illusion of more space. Choose and install an eye-catching light fixture to give your bathroom an instant lift.

9. A Tisket, A Tasket

Modern baskets are great for cluttered countertops and cabinets. When full, slide into or under your cabinets for a contemporary and streamlined look.

10. Get Some Scents

Modern bathrooms provide a sensory experience, and scent is a big part of that. Essential oil reed diffusers or an electric diffuser can add to the ambiance without any chemicals.

My photographs, sculptures, and practical metal hooks, shelves, and other bathroom accessories like my modern toilet paper holder are works of fine art. Order your modern minimalist custom accessories from StudioAndolina today and benefit from my over three decades of fine craftsmanship.

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