Home Improvement Help: When You Should Hire a Pro


Home Improvement Help: When You Should Hire a Pro

You’re tired of the same old house – it’s time to scratch the renovation itch and improve your home in one or more ways. Whether you just want to change the way your home looks or want to add something you’ve always wanted in your dream house, renovations are the way to go!

However, not all renovations can be tackled with some elbow grease and duct tape. In fact, there are lots of times when you may need to hire a pro for quality, consistent improvements, or renovations. Let’s take a look at some of the times you should hire a professional home improvement company to guarantee stellar results. 

As you consider all the ways you can improve your home, keep in mind that the best things to improve are often those that may simultaneously boost your property’s value. If you plan to sell your home sometime soon, here are some ways to boost your curb appeal, courtesy of StudioAndolina.

Plumbing Jobs

Are the faucets barely letting out a trickle of water, or does your shower no longer provide hot water? Remember, DIY plumbing repairs are not for the faint of heart! In the long run, you’ll probably save money – and a lot of headaches – by enlisting the help of a professional. Just be sure to find a reputable plumbing company or contractor with excellent online reviews.

Electrical Enhancements

Replacing the lights in your home with energy-efficient LEDs or improving the electrical output of your home system can allow you to add new appliances or even a home theater. But you’ll want to call an electrical contractor to take a look at your home electric network and make sure that your wires can sustain improvements or renovations without causing sparks to fly.

Roofing and Repairs

Need to repair your roof after a particularly bad winter? Or do you want to redo the roof with new tiles to make your home more valuable before selling it? In that case, the right roofing company can get the job done and make sure your roof will last for decades to come.

Once more, checking reviews and testimonials will do wonders for ensuring you get a good roofing contractor company rather than a dud.

Home Expansions

Adding a new garage, bedroom, or any other home expansion is a lot of work… and it requires a lot of materials. To that end, contacting a construction company is a better idea than trying to build a home expansion with just your own two hands.

As you meet with a contractor, provide details about what you want to build and what features need to be included. This is doubly true if you plan to use your expanded space yourself, such as when building a garage for an extra vehicle or building a den for family get-togethers.


Has the archway in the kitchen always bothered you? Maybe you want to install an island in your kitchen instead. Whatever your remodeling dreams are, the right contracting company can get the job done relatively quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

However, be sure to choose a remodeling company that specializes in the design you have in mind. You wouldn’t want to hire a bathroom remodeling company to install a kitchen island, for instance!

Flooring Replacements

Flooring contractors can replace or reinvigorate floors from carpets to hardwood and more. Even better, they can completely replace the flooring in one room or across the entire home if you want to upgrade its total value (for instance, hardwood homes are generally a little more valued than carpet homes).

Just make sure to contact a flooring contractor early. Flooring jobs can take several weeks to complete from start to finish, so they may need to book you several months in advance.

Yard Design and Implementation

If you have some outdoor renovation ideas, a yard renovation contractor can help you come up with excellent designs and implement those ideas professionally. Some ideas include:

        Adding a fountain

        Redoing the driveway to your home

        Changing the path from the driveway to your front door

        Adding space for rose bushes or a garden

        Planting a specific type of grass

No matter what your remodeling or renovation ideas are, consider hiring a professional to help you get the job done right!

StudioAndolina is where modern meets minimum, offering custom handmade metal interior and exterior hardware. Call 206-851-8355.

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