How my line of home products originated (My past/present)

Where I am at today is a function of my immediate past…I will slowly reveal my past through a series of blogs and show the evolution of my work from grad school through my fine art work (1990’s) to the functional products of today.
All of my current designs owe a debt to my past, I was a professional sculptor all through the 1990’s and made fine art and had shows in major galleries all along the West Coast and beyond. I earned a Masters of Art degree from the University of Washington in 1992 and was part of the vibrant glass movement in Seattle. 
My early work in grad school involved natural materials and man-made materials in stark contrast to one another…Or natural materials taken out of context and shown in galleries…Like nature on display for man’s amusement. 


Nature Constrained By Man... (Granite And Steel)


Nature Again In Contrast To Man... (14' Bundled Burnt Wood And Steel Rings)


Man Versus Nature, A Constant Theme... (Log And Steel)


Some Pieces Only Involved Found Natural Materials, (Found Wood, Concrete, And Dirt)

As I approached found natural materials little manipulation of these materials was a concern to me and I spent lots of time finding these and wondering around looking for items that struck me. Woods, brush piles, alleyways, peoples recycle piles, construction sites and just about anywhere I could fine materials is where I was hanging out. Having a lot of time (what grad school is about) and others to bounce ideas off of helps in to let you explore ideas and concepts. The constant feedback of other artists and friends is a great help (or not) in narrowing your ideas and focus on your work.


More To Come Soon...

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