How to install a shelf or any wall product on your home wall, a DIY guide from Studioandolina

In this article I want to help you find the way to install and place shelves or any items on your home walls by yourself. Even without any background or experience this process is not that difficult. With a few simple tools and some background knowledge you can do this and be successful. I will outline the steps needed to find that prefect place to hang items in your home and how to use the available structure in your walls to hang these items. 

First thing to know is where your shelf will be placed, how heavy will it be, how much do you want it to support and so forth. Basically the weight limit will be the backing or support in the wall and the overall strength of the shelf itself. Any strongly made shelf (like a steel shelf from studioandolina) will be able to hold a fair amount as long as it’s screwed into framing in the wall or placed backing specially for this shelf. 

Most older homes have studs every 16” on center throughout most walls, and these are easily found with a stud finder. New builds many times have a spacing of 24” on center as larger studs are used presently. Or if you are custom building Or designing a home backing material can be placed especially for shelving.

Tools needed to get this done will be listed here and now...

1. Stud finder or heavy magnet and a string

2. Drill and drill bits, drivers and screwing apparatus  

3. Tape measure, marking tools, pencils 

4. Level, laser or both

5. Anchors matching screws if backing is not available 





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