Inspiration in the STUDIO...

So I wanted to explain where and how I find inspiration for my work and how I keep it all going…


One of my newest works, steel napkin holder

I have been making art and products most of my adult life, the process is really what I love about my work. That sounds like the end product is not important but they both become one as the process is developing. Many of my items are based on previous winners and I actually work in a sort of series, each new work based on an older idea or actual piece.


Stainless steel toilet paper holder

I am constantly trying to find new directions and search for the most fresh take on the everyday items I design. Pinterest has become a huge resource as the visual stimulation is endless, I also gain plenty of exposure there as my pins fly throughout the world. It seems many people like my work and my pins are saved by people all over the world. This in itself is inspirational and also seeing the relationship of my items to others tells me I have tapped into a deep common thread, similar to when I made sculptures and found common ground with other artists. 


New finish on an older item

Usually the work load is pretty full and I have little time for exploration of new ideas, but they pile up and eventually come to life. Many times my own clients help design items with crude drawings, photos or real architectural renderings. Can you make this? Sometimes my feedback will better the idea other times a ready made piece will appear from my studio in a few weeks. I have a backlog of ideas in a notebook beside my bed ready for slack time to come to alive. Whenever a new item is made there are other processes that take time besides building them, photography is one, web crap is the other. 


New series: 2 x 2 based on a 2" square

After the item is built and the images are shot and edited words to describe and sell come next. The process is tedious and somewhat lengthy but every listing has to have the sales tags, descriptions, categorization, price and all other details worked out for the web. This “web” work takes a lot of time and effort/energy to learn and master. I do have help in the areas where I am not an expert such as web design and this costs money for another’s talent. Thanks to a close friend many of these issues are easily resolved without huge cost as we often trade our skills with each other.


2 x 2 shelf, part of a new series

OK, so this is the first glimpse into my processes and thinking, much more will be coming as time rolls forward...

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