Keeping ideas and your shop fresh in this odd time of covid

It seems like I have done some of my most liked works in the past year...

I am not sure if thats because travel is down and I am around my studio more, or the fact that my business is booming and sale are at an all time record. I think each of these feed off the other, more people are at home and working on their home because of this pandemic. It seems I have more new customers and more returning customers as well and they just keep coming. 

New Work in 2020

I believe also that everyone is buying on-line and not going to stores as much so having a website and very good images is even more important than ever. I always strive to improve my photography and visual output as this is what really sells my work. You have to have the items to to promote but also the correct presentation is required to exploit the visual allure as there is no in person shopping happening. 

I always try to expand on the themes and designs I have that are successful, like adding another robe hook or toilet paper holder to the line up. I also have to thank many of my loyal customers as they bring new ideas and directions to me to fabricate for them. Many times a one off idea from a client turns into a best seller for me, and it may have been in my mind for years but never made because of time limits. 

I also really do not like to make items that are not paid for yet, I have trouble keeping up with demand as it is, so extra work that is not money making is discouraged. So being busy and having people ask for new designs and ideas is very welcome as I get paid to develop new directions. 


Another new design that's popular

 Another thing that is nice is to have more time to search the web for new ideas and happening directions. Instagram is huge as well as Pinterest as they both have new work and ideas every day from designers, architects, builders, fabricators, large and small businesses and interior designers. These places also give you space to show your newest designs and directions. I never send off a new product without posting it and photographing it completely. 

I also have a note book with many pages of ideas yet to be made or looked at again. Many times these a recorded and not made but they await the right time to be born, and sometimes they come from a client after I had the idea year ago....

New towel rack @studioandolina

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