Making Art in Seattle during the Grunge age

Skowheagan Playtoy  Rubber, Stainless Steel Wire 1994

All during the 1990's I was professional artist in Seattle making Fine Art and showing in galleries all across the country. I gallery I was represented by in Seattle was one of the main glass gallerys in the USA. I became involved in glass casting and was in the large group of glass artists working on the West Coast. Glass casting is a very intense and involved activity, a large facility and many hands are needed to be successful and make it happen. Usually a school or other source is used as the cost is high and the equipment is always expensive.

I was involved with the Pilchuck School here in the Seattle area, local art centers here and also a few on the East Coast. Having access to these facilities was the only way for me to be able to cast glass and have a supply to make the Sculptures I was making at the time. My work generally consisted of a very cool piece of cast glass and some sort of framework, hanger or steel support for the glass. I also used mixed media such as: wood, rubber, other natural materials and many found objects. Before I started casting glass i went though a a few years of mixed media and larger instillations, found objects and natural materials.


Nooksack River Construction
Wood, Found Rocks, Logs, Fire, Twine
After graduating from the University of Washington with a MFA I was able to attend a Summer residency in Maine at The Skowheagan School of Sculpture and Painting. This was a very prestigious place and had many high power artists from NYC and other art centers. I was able to have three months of uninterrupted time to make art and hang out with 65 other artists, this was a very interesting time. Many of the ideas I came away with turned into Sculpture series that I worked on for many years.

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