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So to expand on the time, energy, involvement, feedback, constant reviews and unlimited time one has in graduate school here is a bit more background. Feedback from fellow students, facility and visiting professors is invaluable, but also doing never ending exploration in the library (grad school in the early ‘90’s very little internet) and now on-line help one see where your ideas coincide with what has happened and is happening now. Art history is always present in a school situation as is current trends and happenings.

Early Work From Graduate School


A student is expected to do much research and digging to find where your ideas come from and what they represent to you and what you want to say to others. As a grad student I was also interested in architecture and buildings so this helped fuel in the back of my mind ideas for the future. Furniture was another related interest and I built or refinished more than my share of pieces in the early days. Many artists designed furniture and functional work at the same time as often art is a take off on the fundamentals of functionality. 


Bamboo Table I Once Fabricated

After graduating from school I became a “professional” Sculptor and actually made Fine Art for many years and showed in galleries all over the country. I became involved the the glass movement in Seattle and worked for several major artists as well as producing my art. Being an artist always means having a day or night job for the steady income, I was a server in high dollar restaurants in Seattle for years. This allowed my days to be free and full of art making time and energy. Having a social interacting job also lets you run into people with money and usually interest in an “artist”. More to come soon....

Glass Casting FRom The "AGE of ART"


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