Power tools of the studio: SAWS

Power tools of the studio: SAWS

I want to begin the task of outlining the tools I use and how each one plays a part in the making of my work or your project. There are so many tools in my shop but I will break them down into sections and uses. I have been obsessed with tools my whole life and usually find an ay to use one if there is a want to own it. Lets begin with SAWS...

Horizontal liquid cooled band saw

This first one is the most used in my studio, this is the workhorse of my life and I could not do what I do without this lovely creature. Having a horizontal band saw makes the life of a fabricator much easier, this particular saw has a 3/4" blade, a large motor and liquid cooling for better blade life and very accurate cuts.

This saw is only used for metal and can be turned on its axis for angle cuts, making miter or any angle cuts very easy. Instead of adjusting the fence or clamp you turn the whole saw by hand to set the angle of your next cut. You may set the stop to make multiple cuts all the same length, making repeat pieces a snap.

Hand held band saw

This one is a hand held electric band saw. I use this for anything that will not fit into the jaws of my large horizontal saw. Many times a smaller part needs replaced and the whole item can not fit into the big saw, or something needs a cut onsite for an installation. The size and maneuverability make this saw the only choice, also it is very accurate for hand cutting long stock or outdoor action. Again this saw only cuts metals...

Hand held jig saw

This is one of my favorite saws to use for many types of cutting by hand. By changing blades this saw can be used for metal or wood making it very useful in different situations. For example I cut the slots in the metal tissue box covers with this saw then file and sand them to perfection. Really only sheet metal can be cut with this machine and tight clamping is essential to make your cuts with this fast moving blade. This saw has a variable blade speed controlled by the trigger, usually slower is better for blade life and accuracy.

Hand held battery powered reciprocating saw

Another excellent portable saw is the reciprocating battery powered saw. This one may be used for steel or wood depending on the blade choice, the one shown is for wood. Easily taken anywhere this saw is very useful around the house or in the studio, the new battery revolution makes tools more fun to use. Again this saw has a variable speed controlled by the trigger and many blade options.

Electric powered reciprocating saw

Another version of the reciprecating saw, electric powered with more guts than its battery run cousin, it also weighs much more. This saw can be used for metal or wood and has much more cutting power with the electric motor, but lacks the portability of the battery operated tool. Try standing on a ladder using this over your head and you will know what I am talking about.

Small circular saw

This little cutie is a small version of a circular saw, only used for wood but very handy. Sometimes you need to cut a slot into a large plywood board or cabinet and need the precision of a small and manageable one handed saw, this is the one to choose. Small but powerful this saw is run by electricity and will get into places larger saws can not.
Large circular saw
This is the workhorse of the construction industry, a 7 1/4" circular saw. Only used for wood this is a very powerful saw and you must be very careful about its use. Portable but heavy and powerful this saw is not for beginners or anyone afraid of power, this one would take your hand off easily...
Battery operated circular saw
Another one of my favorite saws this battery powered circular saw is portable and easy to use. This one could cut steel or wood with the correct blade and speed. Thin sheet metal is about all this saw could handle but in a pinch with the right blade its possible.