Redo Your Home Spaces To Maximize Their Potential

Redo Your Home Spaces To Maximize Their Potential

Written by special guest 

Jackie Waters 

Redecorating a home can achieve many things, from allowing you to build a workspace to creating better flow and transition throughout the rooms. Whether you need to reinvigorate your space for yourself, your family, or your guests, it’s important to plan well, work out a budget, and make impactful changes that will only boost the value of your home. You can also consider relocating if it won’t be possible to make the correct changes to your current house; this will take some research on your part to narrow down neighborhoods and find the average sale prices of homes in the areas you like. If you’re ready to start looking for quality home accessories and unique pieces of art, take a look around Here are a few tips on how to redecorate and refresh your home so that it suits your needs.

Give yourself an office that works

Working from home can be tricky, whether you do it full-time or just occasionally. Having a workspace that meets all your needs will help you stay focused and minimize distractions, so think about the kind of home office that makes sense for you. Give yourself the right tools to maximize productivity, such as illumination that won’t hurt your eyes, a comfortable and supportive desk chair, and an energetic wall color that will help you concentrate. You’ll also need organizational tools, and don’t forget that sometimes it’s what you don’t have in an office that makes a difference; for instance, keeping distracting devices out of the room will help you stay on track.

Make entertaining a cinch

If you don’t have a need for a home workspace but find yourself entertaining a lot, consider transforming your space into an inviting spot for guests that also makes your job as host easier. Creating a backyard oasis with plenty of seating and a grilling area is perfect for warm-weather get-togethers, while opening up your kitchen and making more storage and counter space will be helpful when you’re entertaining indoors. You might also think of things that will make parties run a bit smoother, such as adding a half bathroom for the comfort of your guests. 


After a long workday or an exhausting family get-together, you’ll want to have a dedicated space to relax. Consider creating a comfy area in your home to sit and read, watch movies, or meditate. With the help of some comfortable furniture, cool and calm paint colors, soft lighting, and a few blankets and pillows, you can build a spot that allows you and your family to relax and unwind no matter how busy life gets. You can also add a few plants, as these have benefits for your mental health and might even improve the air quality in your home.

Make a move

If your current home just isn’t working for your needs anymore and won’t benefit from a remodel or refresh, start looking at your options in the communities you like. Do a little research online to find out what the average sale prices are, what the quality of the school districts are, and what the crime rate is. In Seattle, the typical sale price of a home is about $885,000 and the market is very competitive, with houses only listed for an average of about a week. This means that when you find a home you like, you’ll need to move quickly. Be prepared with a budget, a list of needs and wants, and a pre-approval on a loan so you won’t have to worry about your dream home being taken out from under you by another buyer.

Giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Set a few goals and work on one area at a time in order to prevent becoming overwhelmed. With the right moves, you can turn your home into a relaxing, refreshing space.

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