Tools of the studio: DRILLS

Almost every item I make in my studio has at least one or more holes in them, bringing me to speak of one of the most used tools in the studio: drills.


The largest and probably most used is the floor or standing drill press. This tool has a prominent place in my studio and is used everyday many times per day. This drill is used to make holes, counter sink screw heads and can be used for some types of sanding using accessories and attachments.

One of the most used tool in the studio: Standing Drill Press

When using this machine you have to be very careful, NEVER wear gloves or have any loose clothing anywhere near the moving parts. I have been pulled into a drill press by clothes and gloves but luckily escaped injury by quick reactions. These drills have adjustable speeds and the table can be raised or lowered allowing for differing access to work that may be large. Many types of bits can cut large holes (hole saws), there are small fine bits for tiny holes and the process can be more controlled than holding the drill by hand. Repetitive holes can be cut and depth can be regulated easily on a drill press.

Large electric drill with hammer option

Even a hand held drill can be very powerful, this drill is used for work that can not be put on the drill press or needs a hammer option. With the correct bits this drill can make holes in concrete, steel, plastic, wood, plexiglass or real glass. Everyone now has a battery powered drill but many times they do not have the guts for larger work that an electric drill will eat for breakfast.

Battery powered 18 volt drill and driver

 Pretty much everyone today has a set of battery operated drills and drivers, as these are the workhorse of drilling in the 21st century. Exceptionally handy, portable and powerful these drills will do most of the common work the average person today needs. These drills will have variable speeds, and options such as hammer, screw or drill and can be used under a table on your back. The driver is mainly for driving screws but can be used as a drill in a pinch with the correct bits.

12 volt battery operated drill and driver

This is a smaller lighter set of a 12 volt drill and driver. These come in very handy for less demanding work and are very portable for overhead or under table work. I really like these for electrical box use or anywhere monster power is not needed. OK, so that is a basic overview or drills that I use everyday in my studio.

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